Payment Schedule

Here is the upcoming payment schedule for the 2019 Marching Season. Items marked as "Band Fee" are emailed to your home email address and are due within 15 days of receipt.

Jun 15 - Band Fee - 1st Payment 

Jul 15 - Band Fee - 2nd Payment

Aug 15 -  Band Fee - 3rd Payment

Sep 15 -  Band Fee - 4th Payment

Fund Raise!

Did you know that on average, most PMK families are able to fund-raise $300/yr?

We never want band fees to be a barrier to participation in band, so fundraising and financial aid are available.  During the Summer and Fall, fundraising opportunities will be sent to this email list and posted on the Fund Raising page of this website.

The money you raise will be stored in a Student Account. This money will be applied to your band fees only when you direct us to do so. If you want to check the balance of your account or have a payment made, please contact the Prospect Band Booster Treasurers (

Financial Aid

Recognizing that financial hardship can occur, the Band Boosters set aside a limited amount of money for student scholarships. The amount of scholarship money available in any given year may vary. The purpose of scholarship money is to allow the maximum number of students to participate in the maximum number of activities. Accordingly, funds will be released to students who meet the criteria for financial assistance in a way to ensure that all students can participate in band.

If you require financial assistance, please submit a Request for Financial Aid.