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Important Forms:

  • PMK Overview - a general document that describes the band, it's awards, and what it does.
    It can be found here: PMK Overview

  • PMK Band Camp Survival Guide - some tips to help you feel ready for your first days as a member of the PMK. It can be found here: 2018 Survival Guide

  • Commitment Form - a required form that outlines the commitments for the coming year.
    The 2019-2020 version can be found here: 2019-202 Commitment Form

  • PMK Permission and Medical Release Form - a required form that allows band members to participate in PMK events.
    The 2019-2020 can be found here: COMING SOON

  • 2019 Calendar Overview - an overview of the upcoming year. The 2019 overview can be found here: 2019 Calendar Overview